The Charter was designated for the Cloverdale Lodge on May 26, 1852.

At that time, the Grand Officers were:

Alexander DOWNEY---Grand Master

Henry C. LAWRENCE--Deputy Grand Master

Ebenezer BROWN--Senior Grand Warden

Frank EMERSON--Junior Grand Warden

Francis KING--Grand Secretary


For many years the meetings were held on the second floor of a building standing on the corner now occupied by the Post Office. In August of 1893, this building was destroyed by fire. For the remainder of that year, they used the Knights of Pythias Hall, paying $3.50 per month. Meetings were suspended during the winter months of 1894 and on June 21st permission was granted to suspend meetings until October 1st of 1894. The next meeting was held in the home of P.S. Car in November of that year.

In January 28, 1896 J. F. O'Brien and S.W. McClure were selected to choose a place for a new hall. About August 1st the erection of a second story over a building then owned by Homer Foster was begun and in November of 1896, the first meeting was held in the new hall.