Eastern Star

This page updated December 29, 2012

The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization in the world to which both women and men may belong. Worldwide, there are approximately 1 million members under the General Grand Chapter The stated purposes of the organization are: Charitable, Educational, Fraternal and Scientific; but there is much more to it than that. Dr. Rob Morris, the Poet Laureate of Masonry, founded the Order using the beautiful and inspiring Biblical examples of heroic conduct and moral values. These portray the noble principles which should adorn the personal lives of Eastern Star members. Eastern Star strives to take good people and through uplifting and elevating associations of love and service, and through precept and example build an Order which is truly dedicated to charity, truth and loving kindness.

I have listed townships or locations of the chapters if I have them.

Owen Morgan Putnam
Margaret Jane DULING Mabel M. APPLEGATE-Ray Rachel S.CARTER-Groveland #330
Miss Bernice MARTIN Anna Edith CARTER-Ray Sylvester Trent CARTER-Groveland #330
Rose Matilda QUERY-Quincy #298 Rachel CARTER-- Eminence Esther Snider Jones- Greencastle 255
Walter WILLIAMS- Gosport Sylvester CARTER-- Eminence Martha E. Jones- Greencastle 255
Daphne WILLIAMS Minerva Alice DOW-Ray May Allen- Greencastle 255
Beulah STEELE George GOSS-Ray Nellie M. Jones- Roachdale #247
Marquis F. Jones- #151 Ivanhoe Chapter Gosport Margaret Ann GOSS-Ray Lenore Allee--#369 Cloverdale
William A. Jones- #151 Ivanhoe Chapter Gosport Ona M. O'CONNER-- Eminence Lois Allee
Leota Allee--#298 Quincy Malinda E. RATTS-Ray Averil V Allen--#369 Cloverdale
Juanita Asher- Ivanhoe Chapter Gosport Ruth A. RATTS-Ray Fred H Allen
Frances V Arnold- #298 Quincy Ina L. RAY-Ray Rosalie D. Allen- #369 Cloverdale
Calita Job- # 151 Ivanhoe Chapter Gosport Maxine R. REED-Ray Gail H Arnold--Greencastle # 255
Mae Dunkin- Quincy #298 Hershal Lewis Hinkle- Roachdale # 247
Mary Hova Whitaker-Ivanhoe Chapter # 151, Gosport Ona M. O'Conner- Eminence # 546 Betty Alexander- Groveland
Addie E. Hammond--Quincy #298 Joy G. Baldwin- Eminence #546 Nelle C. Bettis- Morton Chapter #356 (Charter Member)
Beatrice M Smith--#151 Ivanhoe, Gosport Ella M Bowman- Eminence #546 Daisy D. Alexander- Morton # 356
James T Bowman-Eminence #546 Flossie Alexander
Mary Jane Bowman- Eminence #546 William Alexander-Groveland
Raymon Bowman- Eminence #546 Mrs. W.O. Caviness- Greencastle
Edith Ruth York-Eminence # 546 Betty J. Minnick-Bainbridge
Lola Vaughan- Eminence #546 Nada V. Minnick-Bainbridge
Ross Allee--#546 Eminence Ruby McCullough-#255 Greencastle
Lorena C McCullough- Greencastle
Anise Estes York- Bainbridge
Mrs. Gracia L. McCullough
Mayme Scobee McCullough--Cloverdale # 369
Agnes W Murphy--Cloverdale #369
George Clark Herbert-Cloverdale # 369
Glendon W. Herbert-Cloverdale #369
Mabel M. Herbert- Cloverdale #369
Lula Mae York- Greencastle
Ellen Huber- Roachdale
Laura M Huber - #369 Cloverdale
Pauline Huber- # 369 Cloverdale
Betty Jane Cooper--Greencastle
Eston Cooper
Mary Louise Cooper- Russellville
Minnie D Sweeney- Cloverdale # 369
Carrie Cummings--#369
Mildred V Cummings--#369
Richard A Duncan-- #369
Betty Smith--#255 Greencastle
Doris M Smith- Cloverdale # 369
Frances Snodgrass Whitaker--# 369 Cloverdale
Lillian M Whitaker--#369 Cloverdale
Vallie B. Ferguson- Cloverdale #369
Julia Louise Bridges- Cloverdale #369
Grace Pearl Hurst- Cloverdale # 369
Mary J Hurst- Cloverdale #369
Dorotha E Smith-- Roachdale # 247
Pauline Bridges- Roachdale
Virginia Perkins Clodfelter- #247 Roachdale
Dorothy Lucille Smith- Greencastle
Miss Pauline E Smith- Greencastle
Ida O Wood-- Greencastle
Iva M Hammond- Greencastle #255
Edna Louise Eitel- Greencastle #255
James C McNeff- Greencastle #255
Estill Meek- Greencastle #255
Jessie J Scobee- Greencastle #255
William Edwin Smith---#440 Bainbridge
Verna June Scobee- Bainbridge
Anna L Gardner-- Bainbridge
Edna Mae Clodfelter- Morton
Elizabeth Clodfelter-Morton
Louise B. Smith-- Fillmore
Herschel Orlen Scobee-Fillmore # 186
Anna L Gardner--Morton #356
Myron C Clodfelter- # 356
Rose Katherine Bridges- Russellville
Helen Louise Gardner- Russellville
Waneita B Carrington- Russellville
Vance Clodfelter- Russellville
Nina M. Clodfelter- Russellville
Hazel Clodfelter- Russellville


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