Odd Fellow Members

This page updated November 25, 2012

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows is an ethical organization. The members have a bounding with an ethical lifestyle, which has his base written in the Statement of principles.

The I.O.O.F. is a worldwide organization with her toporganisation based in the U.S.A. (the Souvereign Grandlodge). Under the Souvereign Grandlodge are many Grandlodges with their own workarea. The I.O.O.F. counts approximately 600.000 members worldwide. Together they are searching for deeper experiences about the human nature. Whats the meaning of our life and whats our destination. They talk about these matters with others, sharing what they have learnt from their experiences and they act in their own manner to support those in need.

I have listed these alphabetically with the township/lodge listed next to them, if it is known.

Buchanan visits IOOFin Indianapolis 1874

Owen Morgan Putnam
E. W. ARGANBRIGHT--Wayne Floyd BROWN-Paragon Victor R. HURST- Mount Meridian
George R. BABBS--Washington William T. DUNAGAN
Dr. J. T. BELLES--Washington Dr. Daniel B. LOCKHART--Paragon Lodge #274
George W. BLEDSOE--Franklin John R. MANNAN-- Eminence
William F. CASSADY--Franklin Thomas J. RATTS
Nathan COLLINS--Washington J. Henry RUSIE- Mooresville
John J. COOPER--Washington Jeremiah T. STIERWALT
I. Louis COURIM--Freedom Lodge
James COURIM--Freedom Lodge
John H. CROW--Franklin
Wallace L. DAGGY--Washington
William R. DAGLEY--Washington
Albert W. DYER--Franklin
J. W. EGNOR--Washington
David N. ELLIS--Clay
Jacob EVERLY--Washington
Inman H. FOWLER--Washington
Curtis G. H. GOSS--Gosport;
J. R. GREENE--Washington
Henry C. GROOMS--Washington
Daniel HARBAUGH--Washington
William H. HARRISON--Jackson
J. R. HARROLD--Washington
G. W. JOHNSON--Gosport; Wayne
John M. KINNEY--Washington; Lodge 323
James A. LAYMAN--Washington; Lodge 323
Dr. John W. MAHORNEY--Freedom Lodge # 514
P. M. MARTIN--Gosport; Wayne
Hamilton MOFFETT--Morgan
William A. MONTGOMERY--Gosport; Lodge 146
Dr. M. G. MULLINIX--Washington
Hiram MYERS--Wayne; Lodge 146
Andrew J. NEWSOM--Washington; Lodge 323
Grant NORMAN-- Lodge 274
Dr. Allen PIERSON--Washington
Joseph W. ROBINSON--Lafayette
Christopher SEAY--Clay
John W. SMITH--Gosport; Lodge 146
M. C. STEPHENSON--Franklin
John M. STEWART--Washington
Millard F. WAMPLER--Wayne; Lodge 146
D. L. WEIR--Wayne
O. M. WHITAKER--Washington
Alexander WILLIAMS--Wayne
Otho WORKMAN--Washington


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