American Legion

This page updated November 27, 2012

The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic, mutual-help, war-time veterans organization. A community-service organization which now numbers nearly 3 million members -- men and women -- in nearly 15,000 American Legion Posts worldwide.

Owen Morgan Putnam
Bert ALLEE Raymond NORMAN-Martinsville Cloverdale Post 281 Charter Members
Fred McCULLOUGH-Spencer Harrison McCULLOUGH-post 230 Cloverdale Post 281 in 1939
Bartley Wayland McGUIRE--spencer Claude F POPPINO-Martinsville Post 281 Later Members
Chester McGUIRE--spencer H. Robert RUSIE-post 230 Ernest Estil QUERY-- Cloverdale
William Stanley MEAD--spencer George H Whitaker- Post 193 Monrovia Aaron F. Jones-Post 281 Cloverdale
Guy SIMS Arthur Jones-Post 281 Cloverdale
Dewey Scott WOOD- spencer Ronald Jones-Post 281 Cloverdale
Orlando DAYHUFF Dale Asher-Post 281 Cloverdale
Ophard Tucker--Spencer Donald Twomey
Dallas D. Herbert- Spencer Virgle F. Smiley-Cloverdale Post 281
Morris R. Shields- Spencer James Alexander- Cloverdale Post 281
Robert C Alexander-Cloverdale Post 281
Donald R. Fidler- Post 281, Cloverdale
William J. McCullough-Post 281
Daniel V. McCullough- Post 281
Elmer Herbert-Cloverdale Post 281
Donald K Goss - Cloverdale # 281
Harry E. Beaman- Post 281
Ralph E Beaman - Post 281
James C. Cooper -- Post 281
Chester Doyle Cummings--#281
Frank E. Cummings--Post 281
George Otho Cummings--Post 281
Omar Gale Cummings--Post 281
Robert L Cummings, Sr-- Post 281
Harry G. Smith-- Post 281
Harvey Smith-- Post 281
John L Smith--Post 281
Robert Smith Sr.--Post 281
Al Wood--Cloverdale Post 281
Arthur N Wood--Post 281
Charles D. Whitaker- Cloverdale #281
Elmer L. Whitaker- Cloverdale # 281
Allison D Bridges- Post 281
Robert W. Wallace- Post 281
Elmer Clyde Rogers-Post 58 Greencastle
Russell Rogers- Post 58 Greencastle
Wilbert Rogers- Greencastle
Franklin D Brewster- Post 58 Greencastle
Kenneth H Meek- Post 58 Greencastle
Charles L Wells- Post 58 Greencastle
Thomas E Clodfelter- Post 58
Robert L Scobee- Post 58
Herschel Orlen Scobee- Greencastle
Gerald R Scobee- Greencastle
William Hurst- Post 58 Greencastle
William A Hurst- Post 58 Greencastle
Carl L Hurst- Post 58 Greencastle
John D Snyder- Greencastle
Merrill D Vaughan- Post 58
William H Eiteljorge- Post 58 Greencastle
John Russell Eiteljorge-- Post 58
Betty Jean Eiteljorge--Post 58
Ray Wilson Hammond- Post 58
Thaddeus Wood--Post 58
Albert R. Wood- Post 58
Charles Wood- Post 58
James P Wood--Post 58
Claude Wood --Post 58 Greencastle
Earl W Wood--Post 58 Greencastle
F. Jean Wood-- Post 58 Greencastle
Jim H Smith -- Post 58
Lawrence E Applegate--Post 58 Greencastle
Leon Arnold--Post 58 Greencastle
Ralph Arnold- Post 58 Greencastle
Arnold S. Jones- Greencastle
Maurice E. Jones- Greencastle
Norman W. Jones- Post 58 Greencastle
William Wilds Jones- Post 58 Greencastle
Floyd A Allen- Post 58 Greencastle
James R. Allen- Greencastle
Ricky Lewis Hinkle- Post 58
Lloyd M Ellis- Post 58 Greencastle
Charles William Alexander-- Post 58
John Raymond Baldwin--Post 58
Raymond Baldwin- Post 58
Melvin E Cassida--Post 58
Robert Bock- Post 58
Jesse J Combs- Post 58
Gail Guy-Post 58
Joseph R. McCullough--Post 58 Greencastle
John Asbury McCullough-Post 58 Greencastle
Harold E. McCullough-Post 58 Greencastle
D. Rue McCullough- Post 58
Charles McCullough-Post 58 Greencastle
Hugh Bowman--Post 58 Greencastle
Eddie Buis- Post 58 Greencastle
F Leon Buis-- Post 58
Howard E. Buis--Post 58
Mirkes Linzie Buis- Post 58
Robert W. Buis--Post 58
Roland R. Buis- Post 58
Russell Eddie Buis- Post 58
Virgil Buis-Post 58
Ralph Beaman--Post 58 Greencastle
Forrest O. York-Post 58 Greencastle
Franklin York-Post 58 Greencastle
Jesse D. York- Post 58
Raymond N York-Post 58 Greencastle
Robert A York, Sr.--Post 58 Greencastle
Forest D. Cook- Post 58 Greencastle
Robert Sweeney- Post 58 Greencastle
John E. Baldwin- Russellville
Woodrow C. Ferguson- Russellville
Otis Clodfelter- Russellville


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