Owen County Library & Archive Resources

Sometimes I have found it very beneficial to just send to the library and obtain all the information that they might have on a given surname. Some of the info may or may not be useful, but there is always some little hidden jewel in there.

Another resource is the archives containing records for court and probate. Below is listed links for obtaining this information.

Services and Publications of the Genealogical Society

The archives are located in the Old Carnegie Library Building on the southeast corner of the square.

Hours are Thursdays only from 9-4.Items found in the archives would be court records, probate records, wills, anything along these lines.Please visit the link above for further information on what is available. Official records are $1 per page.

Genealogy Librarian--Laura Wilkerson

The library is located at 10 S. Montgomery Street in Spencer, IN.

Hours are:

Monday-Thursday 9-7

Friday 9-5

Saturday 9-3

The phone number to the library is 1-812-829-3392. You can do this most all by email though. I myself sent asking for just how much they had on a particular surname and made my selections from that offering.

Costs are 10 cents a page copying fees and then postage. In asking for everything as I said, you take what you get..but it might be worth it. Items include news clippings, obits, family charts, etc.


Debbie Jennings