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If you are researching any surnames within the Owen county area, please let me know and I will add them to our list. You can in that way contact other researchers also working on those surnames. Please include the surname, your name and email when submitting.

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ABRELL Dana Pope, Judy Weisberg, Nancy Scott

ACUFF Lyman Bowling

ADAMS Larry Adams

ADKINS Ken Anderson

ADMIRE Susan Owens, Ruth Macqueen


ALLEN Sharry Gregory

ALTEMILLER Sharon Brush, Shirley Rose

AMES Carolyn Branson

ANDERSON Jack Anderson, Ed Boyer

APPLEGATE Nancy Amos, LuAnn Ecton

ARCHER Carolyn Lysandrou

ARNETT Sharry Gregory, Barbara Pell, LuAnn Ecton, Robert S. Brown

ARNEY Judy Johnson, Larry Hansen, April Westcott, Richard Barton, Alison Scott, Elizabeth Chain, Kim Smith, Darlene Millier Arney, Brenda Christensen, Maudeen Wachsmith

ARNOLD Debbie Jennings, Marcia Stewart

ARTHUR Dana Pope

ASHBAUGH Ray Justus, Laura Mitchell, Debbie Harris

ASHER Debbie Jennings, Nancy Pundsack, Shirley Rose, Tim Sherman, Theda Kells Hoyt, Glenda DeFord

ASHLEY Dana Pope, Linda Ashley

AULT Jeanette Hackethorn

AUMAN Mary Orman Gardner

AVRITTKris Shorter

AXUM Keith Hunter

AYNES Mary Orman Gardner

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