Bethany Presbyterian Church

Montgomery Township, Owen County

This page last updated September 14, 2008

The Bethany Presbyterian Church is the oldest religious organization in the township and one of the oldest in the county. From records of the organization, the following sketch can be compiled.

On the 20th day of March 1820, Rev. Issac Reed met several people living near the central part of the township at the residence of Ninian Steele, and organized a society which took upon itself the name Bethany Presbyterian Church.

The following scans were submitted to me by Jacquie Jones Truax. The scans, we know are of rough quality, but they are most readable. I am just really pleased to have these records. If I am in error as to the submitter of this data, please let me know.

Children Baptized July 16, 1820-August 19, 1826

Communicants March 26, 1820- March 25, 1822

More Communicants March 23, 1823-September 12, 1824

Issac Reed's Church Minutes Saturday, November 2nd, 1822