Family Bible of
William C. & Eleanor (Hart) McCullough

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These are the birth and death records as recorded by either William C. McCullough or his wife Ellen. They were life long residents of the Quincy community and they are buried in the Mannan Cemetery.Although you can determine that some of the girls married the Murphy surname, it is unknown just which Murphy lineage this is.

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Births Deaths/Marriage
William C. McCullough born Oct 16 1840 Alice Murphy died Sept 7th 1896
Ellen J. McCullough born Sept 20-1844 Mettie Murphy died May 8th 1898
Alice McCullough born August 28-1866 Nellie McCullough died Sept 2nd 1890
Emery H. McCullough born July 5- 1868 Carrie W. McCullough died Dec 3rd 1884
Mettie McCullough born Aug 7th-1870 Marriage--William C. McCullough and Ellen J. Hart married August 5th 1865
Nellie McCullough born Sept 26-1872
Carrie Wilbur McCullough born Oct, 13-1879
Effie B. McCullough born June 25-1881
Maude E. McCullough born Sept 7, 1883
Myrtle B. McCullough born June 5th, 1887


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