Submitted by Randi Richardson

DOCUMENT: Coffey Bible Records

SOURCE: Monroe County (IN) Historical Society, Bible Records, Bible
engraved with the names Alfred and Martha J. Coffey (see File Cabinet 1,
Drawer 3).


Martha Jane Coffey died May 29, 1884
Alfred Coffey died June 11, 1885
Margaret A. Eller died May 21, 1893
Hattie A. Brown (difficult to read) died August 1, 1914
McKinney Hickam died July 24, 1921
Laura E. Wood died December 31, 1926
Mary Alice Hickam died July 5, 1935


Martha Jane Coffey was born January 26, 1827
Alfred Coffey was born May 18, 1809
Schuyler Colfax Coffey was born April 7, 1868 (difficult to read)
Willie T. Smith was born May 1, 1858
Harriet A. Smith was born March 13, 1850
Maggie A. Smith was born September (illegible), 1852
Mary A. Smith was born December 14 (difficult to read), 185?
Laura E. Smith was born August 21, 1847
Orville Hickam was born January 22, 188?
M. C. Hickam was born Sept 23, 1854

NOTE: Several obits were attached to this bible record. As nearly as I
can remember, they were undated, no source noted, but appeared to be 1925
or after and mostly seemed to be people of Owen County connections.