Coroners Inquests

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The county coroner was the man who investigated deaths from seemly unnatural causes. Every coroner, whenever, and as soon as he knows, or is informed that the dead body of any person is found, or lying within his county, supposed to have come to his or her death by violence, casualty or any undue means, he shall repair to the place where the dead body is, and take charge of the same, and forthwith summon a jury of six good and lawful men of the neighborhood where the body is found or lying to assemble at the place where the body is, at such time an he shall direct, and upon a view of the body, to inquire into the cause and manner of the death.

The jury's verdict includes the date of death when known; the place of death; the circumstances surrounding the death and the cause of death when known. Verdicts may identify parties responsible for homicides or assign blame to negligent parties in accidents. Juries sometimes recommend further investigation by the police to identify and apprehend parties responsible for homicides or accidental deaths.

The reports are the written record of the findings of these hearings. Presented below are a few that are in my possession. I am hoping that some visitors might also care to share some of the ones that they have also.

Sarah Mina Murphy -- February 1915

Carl Courtland Dunkin-- August 1922

Elanor Baldon-- March 1914

Everett Duncan-- March 1916

Sam McGuire-- November 1924

Arthur McGuire-- July 1917

***Sarah Murphy, Sam & Arthur McGuire Inquests submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff