Letter from Hannah E. Costner to Miss Mary E. Goss (d/o David & Polly (Cooter) Goss)

during the time of the Civil War

It is copied here with all spelling errors intact


Dated July the 7th 1863

Dear Friend:

I embraced this opportunity of conversing with you this morning by letter I received your letter last week. I was glad to here from you and to here that you was well. I am well and all the friends is well as fare as I know. You wanted to know what sort of time I had at the Chaple. I had a fine time and I went home with Nelson for dinner and I will tell you more about it when you git home. You must hurry and come home or all the boys will be gone. William Gentry and William Huston has voluntary and expect to leave this next week. You said that you dident want me to git married untill you got home. There is no danger of me gitting married you know I reckon you heard about Elick Stines being dead. He got shot by our own cannon boath his eyes was blowed out and all his close burnt off of him on Friday and he lived until Sunday morning.

I was at Gorsport the fourth and seen a fine time. There was a large crowd there. Thomas Martin and his family was all there. I was at liberty meeting house a Sunday. There was a funeral preached and I went with Martha Williams to George Cherys for dinner and then went to singing in the eavenin and I saw Elick Hinote and his sisters there.

W C G sends you his best respects. I wish you could be hear to go to meeting next Sunday up at the Christian Church.

I must bring my letter to a close by saying that you want excuse the bad writing and spelling for I am in a hurry.

O I must tell you that Nancy Houston got a boe last Saturday at Gorsport and it was nobody but Lum Brown.

No more at present only you must hurry and come home.

Write soon if you please

Good by

Hannah E Costner to Miss Mary E Goss