I am unclear as to what happened during the interim years without a sheriff listed.


ANDREW EVANS------1819 to 1822

THOMAS ALLEN------1822 to 1826

SAMUEL SCOTT, Democrat------1833 to 1834

THOMAS ALLEN------1835 to 1836

MARTIN SNODDY------1837 to 1839

LINDSAY C. ABRELL, Democrat------1843 to 1845

GEORGE DITTEMORE, appointed Democrat------1846

GEORGE MAYFIELD, Whig------1847 to 1851

JAMES F. MILLER, Whig------1851 to 1855

JOHN H. JOHNSON, Whig------1855 to 1857

JOHN M. COLEMAN, Democrat------1857 to 1861

THOMAS I. WELLS, Democrat (Died in office)------1861

ALBERT CHILDRESS, appointed to vacancy, Democrat------1861 to 1862

RICHARD T. ABRELL------1862 to 1865

ISSAC S. LUCAS------1865 to 1869

RICHARD T. ABRELL------1869 to 1874

HAMILTON MOFFATT------1874 to 1878

LYCURGUS H. WOOD------1878 to 1882

SAMUEL N. CHAMBERS------1882 to 1884