TIP #12

Recently I received a letter from a relative who also is doing family research. The letter reminded me of an error genealogists always make, although we don't realize it.

You might (and probably do) have the following info on your 8th great grandfather: dob, birthplace,marriage,military records, political affiliations, church records,death records and burial, also any occupations, and sometimes any important papers copied and any newspaper articles. And you most likely have some info or maybe a photo of the family reunion of Elizabeth, who is related somehow, and several times removed.You probably have all pertinent info on her also.

BUT, have you taken the time with researching all the old records, to stop for a moment a collect the obvious? Do you have all, or any of this info on the current members of your family? Do you have any of this info on your brother or your parents who are still living?

Sometimes we are so wrapped up in history that even though we talk with our siblings or other close family members who may also be researching, that although we know they have 4 children and "about" when they were born and we "think" this or that one is on a second marriage and set of children, we don't stop and retrieve that info. I know this is the simple stuff to get, and therefore removes the challenge, but getting this info now will make the research for future generations (who hopefully will continue) so much easier. So take a few moments and see if you have as intense and detailed records for some of the living as you do for the ancestors.