Diary of a Young Lady

The following are from what appears to be an almanac, which has a section for "Memoranda". This section has been used by a young girl named Rosa E. Goss; daughter of Rev. George Goss and Margaret (Applegate) Goss. Rosa later married James Hanible Warthen on June 26, 1884. She has recorded bits and pieces of her life here much as one would a diary record. These entries will be copied as she wrote them with any spelling errors intact. Some of the entries may sound trivial, but it gives a look into what was current/acceptable during that time frame. The earliest date I have is for May 28th 1883, at which time she enters "I am 15 years old". Although it might seem odd, her dates are so precise it is almost as if she had written this with the intent that she was recording family history for others to come later.

This was submitted to me by Nancy Amos.

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