Cloverdale Chapter No. 369, Order Eastern Star was instituted June 6, 1910 in Masonic Hall, Cloverdale under the direction of Speical Grand Deputy Arthur S. Kimber, assisted by Grand Secretary Nettie Ransford, Greencastle Chapter, No 255, O.E.S. exemplified the Initiatory Work with Worthy Matron Metta Hammond and Worthy Patron Joseph Hammon in charge.

Officers installed on that day were:

Worthy Matron----Mrs Eva Cohn

Worthy Patron----Otho V. Smythe

Associate Matron----Mrs Ida E Wingert

Secretary----Miss Bertha Cline

Treasurer----Mrs Nora E. Morrison

Conductress----Mrs Francis Broadstreet

Associate Conductress----Mrs Hattie Gorham

Chaplain----Mrs Magdalene Long

Marshal----Mrs Minnie Hood

Organist----Mrs Minta Horn

Adah----Esther McKee

Ruth----Mrs Grace Farmer

Esther----Mrs Beryl C. Foster

Martha---Mrs Lilly Wingfield

Electa----Mrs Cora Dorsett

Warder----Mrs Sarah Mannan

Sentinel----Fred Farmer

Other Charter Members Were:

Jerry Long

Mrs Anna Croxton

Mrs Eva Rule

Wm. P. Wingert

Mrs Hertha Smythe

Homer T. Broadstreet

Wm. J. Hood

George C. Wingfield

Mrs Clara McKee

Frank L. McKee

Joseph W. Dorsett

Mrs Lizzie Runyan

Louis Morrison

1939 Officers:

Worthy Matron----Mrs Mattie Meek

Worthy Patron----John Meek

Associate Matron----Mrs Nellie O'Neal

Associate Patron----Wm. T. O'Neal

Secretary----Elizabeth O'Neal

Treasurer----Mrs Joyce Morrison

Conductress----Mrs Flora Pollard

Associate Conductress----Mrs Julia Nay

Adah----Mrs Madge Smythe

Ruth----Mrs Marie Cromwell

Esther----Mrs Audra Staley

Martha----Mrs Gertrude Ziegelman

Electa----Mrs Golda Brown

Warder----Mrs Caroline Ziegelman

Sentinel----Mrs Magdalene Long

Marshal----Mrs Nell Morrison

Organist----Maud Farmer

Chaplain----Edythe Ogle


The organization has steadily grown in membership and interest in the welfare and social activities of the chapter.