First Wedding

The first wedding in the county was a double one. James Bigger and Thomas Allen married two daughters of Phillip Hart on the same day, by virtue of a marriage license obtained at Vincennes, this territory being in the jurisdiction of Knox County. The exact date cannot be ascertained.

Next Wedding

The next wedding was of a young man named Joseph Pinkard who married a girl who lived in the family of John Mitchell in the area of Montgomery township.

The first Wedding Recorded

The first wedding recorded in the old marriage record, No. 1 of the county is of Pittman Chance to Nancy Hicks on October 4, 1819. The ceremony was performed by Jacob McIntire, Justice of the Peace.

The first white child born

The first white child born in Owen county was John R.K. Dunn, son of John and Margaret Dunn. He was born on December 12, 1817.

The first sermon

The first sermon preached in the county was by Hugh Barnes, a Methodist preacher at the house of John Hudson in 1818.

The first ferry boat

The first ferry boat on White River was built and operated by John Dunn in March 1818.

First persons ferried

The first persons ferried over in the new boat were in the Goss family, then on their way to settle at what would become Gosport.

First Court Held

The county was organized in 1818, by act of the State Legislature and the first court was held at the house of John Dunn, on the 1st of March, 1818.

First Court Officers

Honorable Amory Kinney, President Judge; Hugh Barnes and Joseph Freeland, Associate Judges; Johh R. Freeland, Clerk; John F. Ross, Prosecutor for the State;

First Sheriff

Andrew Evans, Sherriff

First County Commissioners

John Mitchell, Thomas McNaugh and James Milner were the first County Commissioners

First County Treasurer

John Bartholomew; his bond was $20,000 with John Hudson, Phillip Hart, Isaiah Cooper, John McNaught, Hugh Barnes, Adam Brenton, David Johnson, Joseph Freeland, Jacob McIntire, James Bigger, George McHenry, Thomas Allen, and William Baker as sureties.

First Elections

Elections were ordered to be held for 1819 in the home of John Dunn in Washington township; Moses Hicks in Franklin township and John Hudson in Montgomery township.

First Justices of the Peace

An election for Justices of the Peace was ordered to be held on the last Saturday in April, 1819; electing one Justice for each township.

First Grand Jury

In May of 1819 the following persons were appointed to serve as the first grand jury in Owen County; Adam Brenton, Richard Morris, James Atha, John Latta, David Lukenbill, Jacob McIntire, David Fain, Isaiah Cooper, Benjamin Croy, David Thomas, James Bigger, Alexander McBride, William Anderson, Abner Alexander, Elijah Chambers, Richard Kirby, Robert Patterson, John McNaught, Robert McNaught, Thomas Bull, John Parroshaw, William Baker, Joseph Skidmore, Luke Vaughn, Jesse Evans, Moses Hicks, James Pugh, Caleb Stansberry, Peter Zeal, John Dunn, John Johnson, John Hudson, Samuel Fain, Thomas Allen, and John Bartholomew.

First Merchants of Spencer

The first merchants of Spencer were James M.H. Allison and Samuel Howe. They bought goods in Louisville and brought them here in four and six horse teams. The men transporting were called "wagoners" and were: William Brady, Francis Hickman, Jonathan Bivens.

First Tavern in Spencer

The first tavern in Spencer was kept by Phillip Hedges.

First Brick House

The first brick house in the county was built by Phillip Hart

First Blacksmith

The first blacksmith in the county was James Bircham

First Carpenters

James Lathrop, Phillip and Findley B. Johnson

First Tanner

The first tanner was James M. Archer

First Lawyer

Thomas F.G. Adams

First Doctor

The first doctor was Amasa Joslin who married Mary Ann Allison.

First Taxes

The first taxes were collected in the county in the year 1819. The total amount was $51.36