A New Idea for Christmas

I realize the timing is bad and short for that matter, but perhaps it can be used for next year or another occassion.

Have you ever thought of giving a gift that you don't buy in the store?

Or one that NOBODY but you can give to your grandchildren/children?

If you are like me, you have several different recipes knocking around in your head, but for some reason or another they have never, ever been written down.

Oh...fine....YOU know them perfectly and could most likely make them with your eyes closed;

but what about others in your family?

You know the ones I mean, those recipes that no family dinner/get together would be complete without.

Take just a little time and write some of these down and present them to some of the younger family members, especially the ones who really love those recipes. This would be a true gift to them and something that only you can give.

If possible, try doing these in longhand instead of on the computer as in doing research everyone should realize that anything written in a person's own hand is doubly valuable to the person possessing it.

As a collector of antique cookbooks/recipes myself, I know that the old books or self made books written by a cook from the past are just irreplaceable and priceless to me.