Gosport Senior Class Play

Senior Play is Scheduled for Friday April 13, 1934

Lads and Lassies will Strut Their Stuff on Stage At the School Building

As a part of their work in English for the year, the Senior class of the local high school will present a three act farce comedy on the gym stage Friday night, April 13. The "Hoodoo" is the title of the play.

Nineteen characters are required in the presentation of the play. The cast has been made as follows:

Brighton Early, about to be married --Macon Terrell

Billy Jackson, a heart breaker--John Whitaker

Professor Solomon Spiggot, an authority on Egypt--Minor John Stierwalt

Hemachus Spiggot, his son, age 17--William Marley

Mr Malachi Meek, lively old gentleman of 69--Herschel Carter

Mr. Dunn, the burglar--Morris Edwards

Miss Amy Lee, about to be married--Mina J. Stierwalt

Mrs Perrington-Shine, her aunt and Mr. Meek's daughter--Nellie Brown

Gwendolyn Perrington-Shine; who does just as mama says--Mildred Dittemore

Mrs Ima Clinger, fascinating young widow--Frances Stierwalt

Angelina, her angel child, age 8--Margaret Marley

Miss Doris Ruffles, Amy's maid of honor--Nellie Wood

Mrs. Semiramus Spiggot, the mother of seven--Lora Whitesitt

Eupepsia Spiggot, her daughter, age 16--Catherine Dusenberry

Lulu, by name and nature--Agnes Hancock

Miss Longnecker, a public school teacher--Geraldine Knoy

Aunt Paradise, the colored cook lady--Iris Beach

Iris Spiggot--Josephine Jones

Time of playing: 2 hours and 15 minutes

The management is endeavoring to provide music and novelty entertainment between acts.

Prices of admission: General 15 cents, reserved 25 cents

Tickets will be placed on sale at Cooper's Drug Store next Wednesday at noon.

Gosport Paper, April 1934