For anyone not aware of just what this is; it is something made by a senior class as something funny to remember.It is a listing of "items" that the seniors are "leaving" behind or "willing" to the younger persons (sophomores/juniors).Most of the entries are satirical pokes at themselves and others offer insight into perhaps certain habits/humors of the writers. I thought perhaps it would be enjoyable to view these. Although I made certain to highlight the names, this is for entertainment purposes as with my grandfather who is listed as "willing his beard", after much searching we found it was most likely a sarcastic reference to his dislike for shaving; so any descriptions should be taken lightly.

We, the Senior Class of '34, on this third day of May, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and thirty four, do hereby make this our last will and bequeath as follows:

All our real assets and characteristics we devise and bequeath to the Junior Class and our sophistication and dignity to the Sophomores and Freshman.

All our personal assets we bequeath to the following:

I, John William Whitaker, will my love for Gosport High School to anyone who wants it.

I, Macon Terrell, will my punctuality to Mr. Brewer.

I, Josephine Jones, will my quietness and good nature to Glen Lukenbill.

I, Mildred Dittemore, my good form to Mary Edith Mullen.

I, Lora Whitesitt, will my gondola to Doris McCarty.

I, Iris Beach, will my ability as a baseball player to Dorothy Smith.

I, Pauline Edwards, my dark and handsome sweetheart to Marilyn Asher.

I, Nellie Brown, will my shyness to Esther Gilliatt.

I, Frances Stierwalt, will my love for Orla MacPhetridge to Miss Palmer

I, Morris Edwards, will my ability as a basketball player to William Adkins

I, Geraldine Knoy, will my small delicate feet to Doris McCarty.

I, Margaret Marley, will my smiles and dimples to Earl Hoadley.

I, Mina Jane Stierwalt, will my ability to shoot basketball goals to Charles Whitaker.

I, Minor John Stierwalt, will my height and slenderness to Bobby Dunn

I, Agnes Hancock, will my strength to Ethel White.

I, Catherine Dusenberry, will my ability to get boyfriends of my own age without robbing the cradle to Verna Edwards.

I, Herschel Carter, will all my habits, good and bad, to Jim McCarty, and my beard to Earl Hoadley.

I, William Marley, will my curly hair to Edwin Haase.

This our last will and testament can be found recorded at the Gosport Courthouse.