I have covered this area briefly before; when you make that connection, just how much do you send them?

Over the years I have made the error many times of thinking, "Oh, well they are related I will share EVERYTHING", only later to much regret that decision. I have since developed a better way of doing things; or at least so far it has worked.

Common Scenario

I receive that posting regarding that line (you know that line you NEVER get a reply about), I get hopeful and all excited and of course in hopes of gaining reciprocal information, there are just no bounds to my generousity.

Then what happens??

Who knows.....I never hear another word from them.

So now I use this simple route

Another researcher writes in response to a posting I have made. Even though they are connected and regardless of how much they might need or how willing I am to share, I at first send them ONLY a report on the immediate family they are looking for .

In this manner if I never hear back from them, I have not just turned over all the data I have worked a long time to gain. If they return my post with reciprocal information I am much more generous in my second mailing to them.

Of course, I have about 5 persons I would give everything to, even blood donations if needed. (If you knew my feelings on needles, you would know that is a large commitment for me!!)

So, hard as it may be, think be sending everything you have.