From John Hurt to Hannah Hurt

(This letter is being written with original spelling errors intact)


this October the 8 1858

dear mother and sister I take this oportunity of riting a few lines to you to

inform you that we are all well at present hoping that these few lines may find

you well .

I have nothing strang to inform you of helth is good heare

Corn crops is as good As for wheat theare was not much raised I have thirty acors in corn

it is very good I want you to rite to me what Prater is doing and what the split was A

bout rite what has become of Branham and wife and what all the old acquainces

is a doing

well Anlizy you can rite a good hand and I want you to keep the road hot with

letter to me they have all got A bove riting to me I have not had a letter from

William Carter for three years I have rentede A farm for three or four years

I have bought some young cattle I thought that I could make more that to

go on my land

you rite that you never expected to be out here if nothing hapins I shal

bee out theare in two years to see you I want you to rite how you are giting

A long I will bring my letter to A close you must excuse my short letter and so

no more at present only remaining your unfortionat son until deth

from John Hurt to Hannah Hurt and lizey Hurt rite shore soon