Jackson Township Church History


The pioneer preachers of Jackson township were of the Regular Baptist denomination and held their first services in the northern part of the township, where a society was organized a few years after the first settlements were made. A hewed log house of worship was erected on ground donated by Valentine Croy and stood until a short time before 1884, when the society was re-organized and moved to Putnam county. Early preachers of this church were: Elders John Case, Benjamin Parks, and later Joseph Coldtharpe.


The Carolina Missionary Baptist Church

This society stood on Jordan Creek in the southwestern part of the township and was organized in an early day and remained prosperous. The society met for worship in a large hewed log house building pleasantly situated and did a good work.


The Old Christians/New Lights

This society organized in the central part of the township as early as the year 1843 and have met at regular intervals ever since. At one time the organization was strong in numbers but owing to deaths and removals it has become very small numbering only a few families.


Christian Union Church

The Christian Union Church at Needmore was organized in the year 1870 at the village schoolhouse by Rev. T. G. Price and S. Watts, with a membership of about seventy. A house of worship was erected in the village about the year 1872 at the cost of $500. The organization is not as strong as it formerly was, and was ministered in the mid 1880's by Elder O.H.P. Abbott


"Lockharts" Christian Church

This church was near Jordan Creek in the southern portion of the township, and belongs to the denomination indicated by its name. The society has a fine frame house of worship erected in the year 1880 and the members were prosperous and met regularly.



The only other society in the township is a Methodist organization which meets for worship in the Williams Schoolhouse on Jordan Creek.