This letter portion is from Joel Dillon pertaining to his visit to his son's church in Coffeyville, Kansas in August of 1887.

Submitted by Joel Franklin


Coffeeville, Kan, August 9, 1887

"Dear Christian Evangelist:-I came from Owen Co., Indiana, to this place last November on a visit to my children. I found the congregation here badly discouraged. Internal dissensions had destroyed the peace and harmony of the body. Two crop failures in succession, the misfortune of having their house destroyed by a cyclone when half finished, the apathy and indifference of some who had formerly been professed followers of Christ, other unfortunate things not prudent to place prominently before the public, and a heavy debt resting on their nice little chapel, all had combined to crush the life out of the congregation and had well nigh succeeded.

Instead of returning to my home in Indiana I have consented to remain; the church here taking half my time, and I disposing of the other half as best I could..."


He died two years later.


Joel Dillon, 16 Nov 1826 – 23 July 1889