Joseph Ephraim Goss was in the pork packing business in Gosport and while on a business trip to Phildelphia, PA wrote the following letter to his nephew Joseph Arnold who was an associate in the business

Phildelphia, April 24, 1845

Mr. J. G. Arnold

Dear Sir:

Your favor of the 9th Inst is to hand. I was glad to hear that you were all well. I am getting along very well. I am through with my purchases and shipped the Goods today there is 15 845 lbs of Freight here and there will be some ten thousand pounds in Pittsburgh making in all 25 800 lbs. I understand the Ohio River is verry low and therefore I am afraid to say that time for the wagons to be at Columbus. I will leave for Pitt in a few days and I will write you from there when to start the wagons. I can tell you better when I see the stage of the water, etc. I have bought a verry Fair Stock of Goods but not heavy espeshly of Dry Goods.

Keep things straight and sell all the Goods you can to go for cash and on time to Good men. I would like verry much to get home by the 10th or 12 of May it will depend however altogether on the stage of the Ohio River if there should be a Rise by the time our Goods gets to Pittsburgh I can be home by the 12th or 13th. I can let you know more about it when I get to Pittsburgh. You better speak to the wagoners. It will take six or seven wagons at least to take out what we will want out. The Bacon business is doing well. It is worthe in Baltimore for shoulder is 6 1/2 cents sides and 7 1/2 cents and the hams 8 1/2 cents. That will pay very well the Doctor is shiping ours he has a fine lot of it ready for Market. When that fire was in Pittsburgh if the wind had been from the South the meat would have bin burned up it would bin entirely lost as the Inshurance Officer will not be able to pay much of the loss the Dr. wrote me Immediately after the fire to inshure which I succeeded in doing after a great deal of trouble. I was the best part of three days. The Officer was half frightened to deth. There was so many applications for inshurance that they would not do anything they got the Board all together and consulted about the matter and finally concluded to take Risk in Pittsburgh.

Tell Angeline I will bring her something pretty when I come home. Because she had more Tickets at the experation of the School than any of the Scholars and got the ten cents and a kiss. I wish I could of had that "kiss" that the Master got.

Yours Truly

J.E. Goss