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If you are researching any surnames within the Owen county area, please let me know and I will add them to our list. You can in that way contact other researchers also working on those surnames. Please include the surname, your name and email when submitting.

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JACKSON Nancy Skinner White

JAMESSharon Ellington

JARVIS Elaine Foulger, Kris Kniesler, Treva Bean, Christine Tuttle

JEAN Terresa Thompson, Marsha Pearson


JESSUP L. Barbara Ehrbar

JOB/JOBE Debbie Jennings

JOHNS Carolyn Lysandrou,Thom Horton

JOHNSON Terresa Thompson, Pam Meyer, Debbie King, Elaine Foulger, Pat Ross, Nancy White, Barbara Pell, Nancy Seger, Kris McCullough, Christine Fitzgerald , Barbara Stewart


JONES Joyce Beaman Buzzelli, Debbie Jennings,Barbara Pell

JORDAN Joyce Beaman Buzzelli, Treva Bean, June Matthews, Jo Cluck

JORDENJoyce Beaman Buzzelli

JOSLIN Barbara Pell

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