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Upper Falls of Cataract

Place Taken: Jackson Township, Owen County, Indiana

Submitted by Donald Wilson

Owen County Courthouse

Owen County Courthouse on the square in Spencer.

Submitted by Carol Lindamood

Owen County Library

Owen County Library in Spencer.

Submitted by Carol Lindamood

Fiscus Kimble House

Fiscus Kimble House taken from a book at the library

Submitted by Carol Lindamood

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Jordan Workshop

Doug Padgett's mother and either Stan or Bob Query on bicycle.

Taken about 1940 by Alice Query

Place Taken: Jordan Village, Owen Co., Indiana

Submitted by Doug Padgett

Jordan Store 1940

Taken about 1940 by Alice Query

Place Taken: Jordan Village, Owen Co., Indiana

Submitted by Doug Padgett

Stone Quarry at Ramona

Taken during an idle moment at the quarry

Place Taken: Franklin Township, Owen Co., Indiana

Submitted by Nancy White

Railroad Carpenter Crew

Hard working men

Place Taken: Owen Co., Indiana

Submitted by Nancy White

Morgan County Courthouse

Morgan County Courthouse was designed by Isaac Hodgson and built between 1857-1859 by Perry Magnus Blankenship, the Italiante Morgan County Courthouse anchors Martinsville's comercial district. Made of locally produced red brick, sandstone quarried from the banks of Indian Creek, and tulip poplar from Baker Township, the dignified building cost $30,000 when it was contructed.

Description: Bankruptcy was not uncommon during the nineteenth-century, when people sacrificed every penny they had for a piece of land to farm or to put themselves up in business. In 1870, the Morgan County poor farm with its 50-imate "Asylum" was completed at the cost of $38,682,08 providing the down and out an honest home.

Place Taken: Martinsville, Washington Township, Morgan Co., Indiana

Submitted by Debbie Jennings

Millgrove Mill

Place Taken: Millgrove, Taylor Township, Owen Co., Indiana

Description: This photo was submitted to the Evening World by Eugene & Dorothy Taber. The Mill had once been owned by one of Dorothy's great grandfathers.

Submitted by Carl Lockhart

Morgan County Poorhouse

Place Taken: Washington Township, Morgan Co., Indiana

Submitted by Debbie Jennings

County Home

Source: Owen County Indiana ~ a history ~ 1994"The Owen County Home in Clay Township on State Road 43 was built in 1878. An earlier facility, known as the County Asylum or Poor Farm, was built about 1860 two miles down river from Spencer on State Road 67. It was a two story frame building, large enough, but by 1878 not large enough. The County traded that former Tornmy Howe farm for 395 acres known as the Col. John Franklin farm and let a contract to William F. Mcgenhardt to build a brick County Asylum for a cost of $8,000. The earlier house is still standing in good repair, and is the home of Bill Edwards. The outward appearance of the 1 878 brick County Home, a pleasant well-maintained facility, has changed little over the years. The property no longer functions as a working farm, and the barn and other outbuildings have been torn down. Sixteen people reside at the County Home in 1994."As of today, 12-20-2000, the home is still active. The county just authorized maintaining the home after much "debate"!

Place Taken: Clay Township, Owen county IN

Date Taken: 1994

Posted By: Priscilla Greenwood

McHenry Homestead

This was the home of William and Katherine (Ashbaugh) McHenry. Their daughter, Elizabeth Owen McHenry, was my great-great-grandmother. She was born here June 9, 1842. I do not know the identities of the people in the picture. I do have some fairly clear enlargements of the bearded gentleman and the lady on the right if anyone is interested. According to one account, William's father George moved to Owen County immediately following the War of 1812. He fought in the Battle of Tippecanoe. A biography of his oldest son Andrew states that the family arrived in the county in 1818. Katherine's family arrived in neighboring Monroe County sometime between 1820 and 1826. All ten of their children were born in Owen County. William and Katherine moved with many family members to Iowa in 1852. Some, including brother Andrew, remained in Indiana.

Posted By: Ray Justus

Jordan Village

All these photos are from Bruce Davis

1. Jordan Village Main Street 1976

2. Aerial View Main Street 1976

3. Jordan Village Railroad Depot Early Days

4. Jordan Village Sawmill Early Days

5. Monon Bridge, North of Jordan Village

6. Curtis Lucas Store- Late 1800's or early 1900's













Angeline Goss Home

Posted By: Debbie Jennings

Flood in Waverly

The house where Mamie Detemore Trusty was born

Posted By: Roberta Biggerstaff

Waverly Filling Station

Filling Station at Waverly, Indiana which was operated by the Trusty's.

Place Taken: Morgan County IN

Posted By: Roberta Biggerstaff


Ferry boat at Waverly, Indiana on White River. Pictured: Allen Trusty operating the ferry and Eliza Sheffer with horse and buggy waiting to cross to the river.

Place Taken: Morgan County IN

Posted By: Roberta Biggerstaff

Waverly Store

Pictured: Fred Park, George Champlin, Neal Adams, Calvin Thacker, Harry (Wig) Sedam, Earnest Shuffelbarger, Rosa Bell Champlin, William Musser, Emzie Trusty. Back row on the porch: Joe Lindon, James Newton Detemore (father of Effie Detemore Trusty), James Horten, Walter Armstrong. Front row: Wash Trusty, Ike Sutton, Allen Trusty. Jap Jones, Lon Kays and Alford Horton can be seen looking from the window.

Place Taken: Morgan County IN

Date Taken: 1909 or 1910

Posted By: Roberta Biggerstaff

Kemmerer Putnam Home

On the back is written Old home where John, Charles, May and Roxie Kemmerer were born and raised in Freedom Owen County Ind. John is my grandfather and the others great aunts and great uncle. Does it look familiar to anyone? Is it still standing I have not idea where it is as I haven't visited Owen, but certainly hope to in the near future.

Posted By: Sharon Erwin

Wilbur Fire Department

The back of the photo state the name of the people in the photo left to right George Shaffer, Louis Reading and Guy Vorhees with the 1937 Studebaker fire truck.

We think the photo was taken in the early 50's but can not be sure.

Posted By: David Peters

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