Little Mount Church

From Annals of the S.W.R. Jones Family, Oregon 1853-1930 by Grace Jones Austin, pg. 24-25

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For centuries the Jones family has belonged to the Baptist Church. Miss Ura Sanders of Gosport, Indiana, writes that the Joneses were prominent members of the Little Mount Church, which stands on the sightly knoll from which its name is taken. At one side of the church is the cemetery where members of the family rest. At his own request, Reverend John Mugg, pastor of the church for twenty-five years is buried on the spot over which his pulpit once stood. (The new church building occupies a site outside the old church yard.)

Entries from the church records are: On the 17th day of May, 1823, a small band of Baptists, scattered for many miles over a territory subject to the inconveniences of a newly settled country and exposed to all its dangers, met at the house of James Bolden and after prayerful consideration were constituted a church. August 6, 1825, Brother John Jones licensed to preach. July, 1826, Brother Thomas Jones and sister Franky Jones received by letter. December, 1827, Brother Matthew Jones received by letter. 1842, Brother Silas Jones and Sister Elizabeth Jones received into membership (three generations). Other entries state that Thomas Jones was ordained a deacon and John Jones a preacher

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