Martha, daughter of Daniel & Martha (Ingram) Goss was born in Owen County on 12 Aug 1827 and died 10 Feb 1864. She married Nathan Farr on 26 January 1843. A granddaughter of the couple wrote the following about them.

Grandfather Nathan, as we called him, was English and great to fox hunt; he kept a pack of hounds. He and grandmother Martha moved to Rockwall, Texas for two years about 1854-1855. Grandmother was so homesick that she cried every day and so they returned to Indiana just before their daughter, Bethsaida was born. This was before the Civil War and things were getting pretty hot. Those Texans hung seven of grandfathers neighbors on the end of their wagon tongues; they told him that if he didn't get back up North they would swing him up too. Nathan Farr became a soldier of Lincoln's Army...

When Grandmother Martha Goss' ancestors came to America, they came part of the way by boat--down the River Rhine. They brought with them an old iron skillet with legs which they kept and cooked their food in.

Grandfather Nathan never remarried after the death of Martha, but the children had a very hard time with Grandmother dead and Grandfather in the army. When Morgan, the raider, got into southern Indiana, every one that was big enough was ready. My mother, Bethsaida, said the older children "run bullets" and got guns ready. Mother and Aunt Victoria were so small all they could do was to sharpen butcher knives.

I am wondering if Grandmother Martha's parents weren't dead when she married grandfather Nathan. My mother said grandmother's brothers bought her a doctor book because she was so young and knew so little about life. Grandmother Martha had an estate of $700 left by her father, Daniel Goss and with this she and Nathan bought land in White River bottom. Grandfather died there. $700 isn't much nowadays, but I imagine it was in those days.