Migratory Trails

We all know that they got here... but just what route did they take?? Knowing this could very well help you in finding out information about them at stopping points during the journey.

There were common routes, of course, that were used more then others, below are links describing all the various routes, giving information as to what groups of people from where used them most often. Sometimes certain nationalities used particular routes.

There are additional links on the pages to view maps of these routes.

Knowing this might also let you stop asking..How did they end up over there??

The Boston Road

The Great Wagon Road

Santa Fe Trail

The Natchez Trace

Braddock's Road

The Kings Highway

The National Road

The Upper Road

California Trail

The Mohawk Trail

The Oregon Trail

The Wilderness Road

The Fall Line Road

The Mormon Trail

The Pennsylvania Road

Zane's Trace


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