Morgan Township Church History


The earliest religious services in Morgan were conducted under the auspices of the Christian and Baptist churches about the year 1830 at the residences of the different settlers. Among the pioneer preachers were Elders Thomas Johnson and Frederick Hauser of the Church of Christ. They held meetings at John Carter's residence in an early day but did not organize any society. Elder John Case of the Regular Baptist Church conducted religious services at the residence of George Hicks and later at the Wallace Schoolhouse.


Little Flock Baptist Church was organized in an early day in the northern part of the township. The first meetings were held at the residences of Marady Lucas and Jacob Beaman. Early pastors were John Case and a Rev. Owens. A hosue of worship was built about the year 1843 and used till 1881. The society was re-organized many years ago and took upon itself the name of New Union Baptist Church, which it still retains.A frame house of worship was erected in the year 1881 on land owned by Mr. Lucas and cost the sum of $1200.00. The organization was in good condition in 1884 with a membership of seventy five.


Rehoboth Baptist Church was organized in the year 1850 and a log house of worship built a little later on land owned by Meade Speers, in the eastern part of the township. The society was at one time a flourishing organization, but from some cause unknown it was disbanded several years prior to 1884. The old building remains standing.


The Pleasant Grove Methodist Episcopal Church in the northeastern part of the township dates its history from about the year of 1850 and is still a good organization. Their first house of worship was a hewed log structure and stood upon the land of Samuel P. Evans. It was afterward replaced by a frame building.


In the year 1858 or 1859 a Presbyterian Church was organized in the southern part of the township and a good frame building erected on the farm of George Gerrard, where meetings were held for a number of years. The society was known as the United Presbyterian Church and maintained its existence until the mid 1880's when it was abandoned.


The Union United Brethren Church one mile west of Jordan Village is a strong organization and in good working order. The congregation met in a frame house of worship and numbered among its members some of the best citizens of the community.