Pioneers of Morgan County

Was your ancestor a pioneer of the county? For the purposes of our pages in order to qualify as a pioneer, your ancestor would have had to be a resident by the year 1840. I will attempt to compile a listing of these persons and where possible, a biography on them. If you have either a name or biography on a county pioneer, please submit it for our page. Please include the following information:1) Name of pioneer; 2) Year of county entry; 3) Where they settled in the county.

This page last updated April 22, 2006

Pioneer(s) Birth Place Birth Year Date Entered Township Submitted By
William Warthen NC 1795 1835 Brown Debbie Jennings
Phillip Sechrist NC 1790 1839-1840 Ray Debbie Jennings
Henry Ratts NC 1792 1825 Ray Debbie Jennings
Nancy Thacker KY 1804 1828 unknown Debbie Jennings
Peter Thomas NC 1791 1823 unknown Debbie Jennings
Benjamin Thornburgh KY 1797 1822 unknown Debbie Jennings
Silas Townsend NC 1794-1800 about 1822 unknown Debbie Jennings
William Townsend NC 1760 1820 unknown Debbie Jennings
Charles Vertrees KY 1797 1820 unknown Debbie Jennings
Jincy Ballard Vertrees VA 1801 1822 unknown Debbie Jennings
Jacob Wetzel VA 1765 1818 unknown Debbie Jennings
Ruhama Shepherd Wetzel Va 1778 1819 unknown Debbie Jennings
Grafton Baker Whitaker Ky 1799 1826 unknown Debbie Jennings
Irason Taylor Va 1813 pre 1831 Washington Twp Curtis C. Taylor
Peter Coble NC 1794 1830 Unknown Diana King