Morgan County Tax Records

Below are the listings of SELECTED land owners in some of the Morgan County townships and the accounting of their taxes. These records come from Kathy Bargerhuff as she looks for her ancestors. The pages themselves are labeled as "TAX LISTINGS" however for the most part, they either don't list "if" a man paid taxes or if he did how much.

I feel however that these pages are still of genealogical value as they DO show that a man resided in a certain township of the county or at the very least he owned land there. These listings do present the Range, Section, Twp and Issue date of the property; perhaps giving the researcher some information.

I will be working on these for a couple of days to get the best possible presentation format for the easiest researching. As you will see below there are in some instances more then one link for a particular year. This is due to the fact that they are for different townships within Morgan County. In some spaces there is a capital letter "R", that denotes that the man didn't own the property but simply rented it; in that instance "he" wasn't the actual tax payer. In this manner a researcher may be able to locate someone who would not normally be listed in the tax records of a county.


These are NOT all the tax payers in the townships or county. Should anyone have access to any more of them, I will gladly present those on the website.

As these records are very lengthy as well as split into several different categories; I have attempted to consolidate them, without loosing any information useful to the researcher.

The only real liberty I have taken is in consolidation all the various forms of taxes into total taxes. These various taxes were: State, County, School, Road, Township, Sinking Tax (whatever that was) and Special Tax.

1856 Ray Twp 1857 Ray Twp
1858 Ray Twp
1861 Adams Twp 1862 Adams Twp 1863 Adams Twp
1863 Ray Twp 1864 Ray Twp

Morgan County Land Records