To Issac Needy in Indiana from his niece, Susan Speilman in

Hagerstown, Maryland

July 4, 1854

Submitted by Donna Needy



The following is a letter to Isaac Needy which was sent to Point Commerce, Indiana (now gone).  Point Commerce was probably the postal station closest to Isa ac Needy's home in Jefferson Twp., Owen Co. IN.  Jefferson Twp. was located next to Greene Co. Indiana.  The letter is from Isaac's niece, Susan Spielman of Hagerstown, Maryland.  The letter is dated July 4, 1854, and is addressed to Isaac Needy, c/o Point Commerce, Indiana.

The letter reads as follows:

"Dear Uncle Isaac:

"Again I seat self to write a few lines -- it is about 2 months since I wrote you and yet have not had a line from you -- we don't know whether you did not get it or if you neglect writing --aunty is very anxious to hear from you all-- she thinks you ma y be sick or dead --she don't know what to think -- we wrote to Ohio -- they have not heard anything of you either -- we look every evening for a letter -- the other times I wrote I wrote I write you a long letter but this time I won't write you such a lengthy letter for fear you might not receive it and I would be writing for nothing.  My auntys are well but I am not --I have not been well for some time -- such a cold.

"Dear uncle this is the fourth of July and I suppose you are celebrating it out in your state too -- the folks are here -- there is but a few people in town now -they are all gone to the woods but we are all home.

"When I wrote to you before I wrote about the old house -- aunty has sold it and you all told here you did not want any of it -- for you all to sign if you please -- but she is afraid to send it by mail and don't know any other way to send it --  i f you get this dear uncle please write directly and tell us how you all are -- Uncle Joseph tell him to write some in the letter.

"Oh, it seems so long since we have heard from any of you and so long since we have seen any of you -- we all do wish soon you all would please come in but don't forget to write as soon as you get this -- then aunty will next send the deed -- she says y ou shall look for it and when you write don't forget to tell us about your little family and Uncle Joseph.

"This is a very hot day -- you can barely stand the heat -- the gardens are almost burned up -- no rain for so long.  Flour is 9$ a barrel -- potatoes 18 and 75 cts a bushel -- butter 18 cts per lb. -- eggs 15 cts a dozen -- we are paying 35 dollar s rent a year -- I am so warm I cannot write any more -- I hope you will get this -- don't forget to write immediately.  No more.

>From you affectionate Niece -- Susan E. Spielman"

Isaac Needy -- Joseph Needy -- Ruth Ann Needy -- Adlaid Needy

(The above letter was sent to Donna Needy Crowe by Dixie Kline many years ago.  Where Dixie got the letter I do not know.  Thank you, Dixie.  I appreciate your time and effort.  Sincerely, Donna Needy Crowe).