For the
New Researcher

This page was updated April 22, 2005

So.... you have made the decision to look into your family history and do some researching. The only problem is that you are at a stopping point before you begin, because you really don't know where or how to start.

This page will be used as a clearing house for ideas and tips to assist the beginning researcher "dig into" their roots.This page will continue to be a work in progress as long as I continue to gather beneficial data.

For you beginners, once you have a good start on your researching, please refer to the regular "Research Tips" section on the main page for other ideas.

Should you have questions that haven't yet been covered in the items below, please feel free to email me.

The First Step- The Family

Keeping Track of Data

Mailing Lists and Postings

Researching Etiquette

Researcher Beware

Having Patience

Brick Walls

Know Your Tools

Citing Your Sources


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