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These pages created August 3, 2004

Marriage Transcripts are NOT a record of a marriage that HAS taken place.

They ARE a record of a marriage that WILL take place at a future date.

They are interesting and genealogically valuable as unlike the marriage records which detail who married whom; these list:

Name of Bride or Groom//Father's Name//Mother's Maiden Name

Sex//Race//Age of Bride or Groom on NEXT Birthday

Marriage Date//Book of Record//Page of Book

As you can see, the above provides some data not in the standard marriage records ~~ The drawback is that NOT EVERYONE filed one of these.

Please remember to search for the ladies under their maiden name and possibly a first marriage name in a second marriage. Search also under the name of the groom. These apparently were NOT based on the age of the person as I have frequently found listings for marriages of persons in their 40's.

There are no entries for the letter X.

All entries are completed.

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