State Inmates and Pardons

This page July 14, 2006

This section was prompted by a submission from Kathy Bargerhuff. She happened to come across these recordings while doing her research and felt that they would be of interest to others. The current listing is limited to a few years span. However, if anything else become available- it will be added. These are of course, not complete listings of prisoners- just persons connected with our 3 counties. There were probably also others. The State Prison in Southern Indiana at the time was located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. There is one exception below, John Parrish, who was in the Northern Indiana State Prison- probably in Pendleton, Indiana.

This data originally came from the publication, "Documents of the General Assembly of Indiana at the 41st Session" Indianapolis-John C. Walker, State Printer, 1861.

State Prison Inmates Year Ending December 15, 1860

Name Age County Convicted Crime Term When Sentenced Submitted by
Hugh MURPHY 27 Owen Manslaughter 8 years Dec. 7, 1858 Kathy Bargerhuff
John MURPHY 22 Owen Manslaughter 10 years Dec. 7, 1858 Kathy Bargerhuff
Enoch MORGAN unknown Owen Manslaughter 20 years Dec 8, 1860 Kathy Bargerhuff
John S. HARDEN unknown Owen Grand Larceny 2 years Dec 8, 1860 Kathy Bargerhuff
**John W. PARRISH 34 Grand Larceny Owen 2 years unknown Kathy Bargerhuff

** Mr. Parrish was held in the Northern State Prison

State Pardons for 1859-1860

Date Name Crime Where Tried Term Served Remarks Submitted by
Jan 10, 1860 S.A. THARP Highway Robbery Spencer 2 years Doubts of Sufficiency of Evidence Kathy Bargerhuff
March 10, 1860 John H. JAMES Larceny Owen County 2 years petition of large # of citizens; Minor Kathy Bargerhuff
Dec 17, 1860 Dr. John W. PARRISH Grand Larceny Owen County 2 years Pardoned on petition of 1000 citizens & affidavit of witness committing perjury Kathy Bargerhuff