Here is a great project to instill in your children and to involve other
family members in the family heritage.
Sounds like a lot of fun and the younger members will learn something also.
If your projects takes multiple sittings, then later on down the line see if
some of the younger ones can tell you who people are by reviewing some of
them. Eventually they will be able to!

My grandson was four years old when he pointed to a photo on a shelf and asked "Who is that", I explained that was his great great grandpa. Now with every visit he explains to his younger sister, "this is my great great grandpa". Okay, so not earth shattering, but important that they know these ancestors that they will never meet.

Family photographs are excellent reminders of people, times, and events.
Most of us, however, probably have loads of loose photographs in boxes or
drawers that need to be labeled and organized. A great project that involves
getting your family together, sitting down with your photographs, and
working together to organize them.
Find a place where you can spread out your materials,make sure it accommodates
the group.
Examine photographs, and label them as appropriate. Passing around the photographs
and sharingstories about the people, places, and events helps involve everyone in the
Discuss and agree upon an organizational scheme that allows you to
sort the photographs and then place them in some order.
This project may take several sittings, depending on the number of photographs you have.
However, it can be an enjoyable experience for every member of the family, and it can also
promote good preservation skills for everyone.