Newspapers & Dates of Articles on Various Physicians


Submitted by Dixie Kline Richardson

Obituaries and other articles re physicians (not a
 comprehensive list): Also see some of these in the
l884 History of Owen County (reprints)

 Amasa Joslin, Evening World (my feature)  Sept. 23, l977 "Pioneer Doctor"
 S. E. Smith, Gosport Reporter  June 1, l928
 Walker Schell,  Owen Leader  Sept. l5, l9l5
 John Williams,  Owen Leader  July 29, l925, and in my feature in
   Evening World, June 29, l976 titled "Doc John"
 Jerry Wooden, Owen Leader, May 1, l9l8
 S. D. Richards, Owen Leader April 2, l9l9, Owen Co. Journal, Nov. l6, l9ll (with
    photo), reprinted in Evening World Feb. 21, 2000)
 Alan Pierson  Gosport Reporter  Oct. 26, l928
 O. F. Gray, Owen Leader  Feb. 1, l922
 Thomas Gant, Owen Leader March 26, 1919
 John Sloan, Owen Leader, June 9, l926 (daughter Ruth also wrote a story,
   but I can't place it at this time..will add.)
 B. T. Fisher, Owen Leader  Mary 5, l926
 Albert Kennedy, Owen Leader  June 20, l935
 Renos H. Richards, Evening World Oct 8, l929/ March 30, l944
 Frank Williams,  Owen Leader July 2, l924
 John H. Plew, Leader  August 20, l924
 Caleb Ritter, Gosport Reporter June 8, l928
 Charles Seay,  Leader  Sept. 12, l935
 Henry Fox, see index Owen History of l884
 B. Yocum  Evening World Aug 31, l950
A. J. Minnick, Owen County Journal Oct. 26, l876