As late as 1903, mail was being brought from Mooresville carried by riders on horseback or by horse-drawn carts. In the very early days the mail came through Millgrove. At that time Millgrove was considered the larger or more promising settlement as it had a mill. After this the mail was carried by the railroad. At first there were two routes out of Quincy; one south and west and the other was east and north. About 1925, these routes were combined. As stated for many years the mail was handled by the railroad, and in 1967 it was conveyed by Mail Truck from Bloomington via Elletsville.

The following list is just some of the post masters during the years of 1902-1950.

A.B. Carlton--1902

Edward Spangler--1906

Walter Way--year unknown

Judson Mugg--year unknown

O.E. Stewart--year unknown

Victor Black--year unknown

Calita Black Job--year unknown

Glen Job--year unknown

Frances Arnold--year unknown

Maxine Allee--1960

Rural Free Delivery began about 1902 and the following persons have served as carriers through the years

Grant Dunkin

Colonel Newman

Alvin Castwell

Ralph Summers --about 1910-1950; he served 39 1/2 years and retired in 1950

Glen Job