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If you are researching any surnames within the Owen county area, please let me know and I will add them to our list. You can in that way contact other researchers also working on those surnames. Please include the surname, your name and email when submitting.

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PADGETT Marsha Pearson, Pam Meyer

PARRISHTR Wilkerson, Susanna Parrish

PAYNE Beth Clark, Mike Dean, Priscilla Greenwood, Barbara Pell, Claire Field

PAYTON Mike Dean

PEDEN Barbara Pell

PERSHINGGeri de Moss

PERSINGER Linda Bertram, Priscilla Greenwood

PHELPSLana Runnels Knor


PHILLIPS Laura (Phillips) Adcock

PHIPPS April Westcott, Dana Pope, Mildred, Susan Mitten Owen

PITTMAN Mary Baker

PORTER Nancy Amos

POTTORFF Bill Mallory, Brian Sweeney

POWELLBarbara Stewart

PRICE Bob Hubbard, Maria Scudder, Vickie Stevens

PRIESTKris Shorter

PRYORCynthia Freeman Gard

PUCKETT Cheri, Nancy Amos

PUTOFF Kris McCullough

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