Courses in Latin, Algebra, Advanced English and History were offered by Quincy School as early as 1898, but no high school credit was allowed for this work by the State; so many students having attended were disappointed to find upon trying to enter college, or other high schools, that their work was not given credit.

In 1905, through the combined efforts of Principal: Albert Acord, Trustee: Thomas Mugg, and Superintendent of Owen County Schools: Herschel Stone, an accredited three year course was organized.

Of the twelve students who enrolled for freshman work in 1905, only three completed the three year course and passed the annual examination given by the County Superintendent. After an additional year at a commissioned school, they recieved their diplomas.

These three students were:

Jewel MUGG--graduated from Spencer 1909

Mary COMBES-graduated from Cloverdale 1909

Edna HARTSOCK--graduated from Gosport in 1910

Other students who took their first three years at Quincy and were graduated from neighboring schools were:

Ralph SUMMERS--Cloverdale, 1910

Gladys REID- Spencer, 1910

Olive DAVIS- Spencer, 1910

Ronald DUNKIN- Cloverdale, 1911

Farrel DAKIN- Shortridge, 1913

Marie SUMMERS- Greencastle, 1914

Angela WILLIAMS- Spencer, 1914

Rebecca AREND- Arsenal Technical HS, Indpls, 1915

Ruth MUGG- Spencer, 1915

Lucille ALLEE- Gosport, 1915