TIP # 30


So often, and unfortunately all too often you come across a researcher that is following your lineages and can be of some assistance to you.

Why is that an unfortunate occurence?

Because all too often in corresponding with those persons and exchanging information, you will find out that the information being passed along to you, is indeed your own information that you have given to someone else in the past!!

I have just recently finished explaining to another researcher that in just collecting other person's research/data; you are not actually researching per se, but only recycling what they have already found.

When you obtain info from another researcher you should also follow through and attempt to verify or disprove their facts; one way or the other.

Don't just settle for their opinions, data, information.


There are a variety of reasons and some of them are not really pleasant, but they are good and accurate reasons.

1. When making an initial contact with a researcher that you have never dealt with before you don't really KNOW what their standards for research are. Meaning, do they just grab all they find and place it in their files as fact?? Do they actually verify and document before placing in the file??

2. In simply using someone else's file/info, you are not basing your opinions or findings on the facts, but simply on their opinions. Any good researcher knows that the more hands a document goes through the more changes are likely to be made, so viewing the actual document is always best.

3. Too often in our desperation to knock down that brick wall we are ready and willing to take just about any even slightly pertinent information handed to us. Always READ the info sent to you, I mean, REALLY READ IT. All too often I have received files from supposed "experts" in family lineages to find that children were born when the parents were 2 years old or maybe 4 years after the death of both parents... seemingly small details, but it must place the piece in question as a whole.

So next time you receive information/data, ask yourself, am I making conclusions on facts or am I making conclusions on this person's research?

Recycling is a great activity, however, I am researching, not recycling....