This page last updated June 12, 2012

The following is a listing of what paper and date you should look in order to find an article covering a reunion of a particular family line. This is to enable you to find these articles easier then spending all day at the microfilm machine. This information has been submitted by Dixie Richardson.

Asher reunion inside Owen Leader Aug. 6, l930

Asher reunion inside Owen Leader Aug. 6, l930

Arnett reunion Owen Leader Oct. 20, l920

Arney reunion iside Leader April 25, 1940

Beatty reunion Evening World July 25, l932

Brown reunion Leader Aug. l6, l945

Cradick (history) Evening World Aug. 20, l928

Carter reunion World Aug. 30, l934 and Leader May 24, l922

Criss reunion Leader Sept. 3, l936

Dittemore (history) World Aug. 20, l929

Davis reunion Leader Aug 23, l934 and Dec. 3, l930

Dickerson reunion Leader Aug. 11, 1920

Freeman family, Leader June 2, 1926

Fender, Calvin family Leader April 26, 1924

Fender reunion Leader Sept. 22, 1915

Harrell reunion World Aug. 5, 1927

Hancock reunion inside Leader Aug. 25, l9l5

Houghton reunion Leader Aug. 22, 1935

Jennings reunion Leader Aug. l6, 1916

King reunion Leader Oct. 18, 1934

Lewis reunion World Aug 9, l927

Langdon reunion Leader Sept. 11, 1929

Mitten history Leader Sept. 6, 1922 & Aug. 28, 1929

Minnick reunion Leader Sept. 11, l929 & Aug 24, 1927

Melick history World Sept. 3, l929

Medaris reunion Leader Aug 22, l928

Morris reunion inside Leader Aug 3, l935

Mull family inside Leader Nov. 24, l932

McIndoo history Leader Aug. l5, l923 & quiet title suit Leader Aug. 10, l944

McGuire-Ashley reunion Leader July 4, l940