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If you are researching any surnames within the Owen county area, please let me know and I will add them to our list. You can in that way contact other researchers also working on those surnames. Please include the surname, your name and email when submitting.

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RADERCarolyn Branson

RANARD Bill Ranard

RARIDINCarolyn Branson, Nancy Welty Ross

RAWLEY Priscilla Greenwood

RAY TR Wilkerson, Mary Christian, Joseph C. Rhea

REDMILLER Terresa Thompson

REDNOURNancy Skinner White, Craig Martin

REESE Christine Moore, Douglas Reese

REEVES Sharry Gregory

REITERVicki Schoen

RENFROChris Meno

REYNOLDSLorrie Case, Alice Brook


RICE Steven Shields, Dixie Kline Richardson

RICHARDS Barbara Pell

RICHART Sue Richart

RINEHART Maria Scudder

RITCHIE Terresa Thompson

RITTER Bob Matkins, Nancy Scott

ROARK Sandra Wagner, Maudeen Wachsmith

ROBINSON Judy Weisberg, Ralph James Robinson

ROGERS Glorianne Fahs, Kris Shorter

ROLLINS Suzanne Brayer


ROOMEBarbara Stewart

ROUCKFrances Sheppard

ROUTTSharon Brush

ROW Peg Adams, Geri de Moss

ROWE Geri de Moss, Vicki Schoen

ROWLINS Suzanne Brayer

ROYERWilma Massengale, Heidi Rogers

RUBECK Shirley Rose, Sharon Brush

RUBLE Dorothy Childress

RUMPLEMarcia Stewart

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