Bloomington, Indiana
July 27, 1846  

James L. Edwards Esqr, Comm of Pensions    


Sir, The enclosed information to one of the ...  of  ... address  claim for pension was I presume sent by
mistake  or at the first knowledge I ever had of any such pension or claim,  The 8th of May last I deposited in the
post office here some ... and papers purporting to  a claim by Samuel Dean of Henry County, Kentucky  for a
pension. Mr. Dean asserts that he ...  for ...  “during the war” and was discharged  after serving three or four months
(if I mistake not) in consequence of the termination of the War , under which circumstances I encouraged his friends
to assist him to make his application for a pension upon the belief that I had seen some rule of the penson regulations
or decisions warranting his right for the time served if such was his engagement and proof of it could be established.    


Submitted by Mike Dean