Scarlet Fever/Scarletina

This page last updated March 11, 2010

Scarlet fever is a disease caused by an infection with Group A streptococcal bacteria. Not everyone affected with Group A streptococcal bacteria will develop scarlet fever. Some people less sensitive to Group A streptococcal bacteria than others. This particular disease is normally associated with children and the victim has a fever of over 101; in the years before antibiotics were discovered, many children died as a result of the associated fever and the damage it caused such as convulsions, etc. The sufferer will have skin that resembles a bad sun burn with a fine rash over it and most often a sore throat and fever. In the case of Scarletina, it is considered a lighter or milder case of Scarlet Fever but the same bacteria origin. I have placed the ages of the children in parentheses.

The listings below show: Name/Date/Area/Submitter

Name Date of Death Town/Twp County Submitted by
Gertie SURBER (8) 2-19-1880 unknown OWEN Debbie Jennings
Issac S. GALLIHER(2) Feb 1850 Wayne twp OWEN Debbie Jennings
John APPLEGATE(4) Nov 1850 Adams twp MORGAN Debbie Jennings
Cornelius GUM (3) Oct 1850 Adams twp MORGAN Debbie Jennings
Robert GUM (5) Sept 1850 Adams twp MORGAN Debbie Jennings
Andrew PUTOFF(2) Oct 1850 Adams twp MORGAN Debbie Jennings
Henry PUTOFF(1) Oct 1850 Adams twp MORGAN Debbie Jennings
Frank A. STURGEON (2) Jan 1850 Ray twp MORGAN Debbie Jennings
Blanche HARRIS 9-29-1888 unknown OWEN Debbie Jennings
Maud DUNN 12-10-1888 unknown OWEN Debbie Jennings


Debbie Jennings