1 lb. pork pudding meat; Or Loose sausage
1 quart water; or pork broth
  salt and pepper; to taste
11/2 cups cornmeal
1/4 cup buckwheat flour

Butchering yielded rich meat scraps, too flavorful to give to the animals
or simply throw away. Scrapple, however, was not in- vented in
Pennsylvania. It most likely came with settlers from the lower Rhine area
of Germany to Philadelphia. So it was in this country that the Amish
learned to make the dish.

Two ingredients distinguish the dish - buckwheat and corn- meal (a New
World addition), which act as extenders and provide a distinctive flavor.

Stir pudding meat or loose sausage into 1 quart rapidly boiling water or
pork broth.

When the mixture reaches the boiling point slowly add the cornmeal and
buckwheat flour. Stir constantly until thickened. Cover and let simmer for
15 minutes over low heat.

Pour into two 1-lb. loaf pans. Cool thoroughly then refrigerate. When
scrapple is set, cut in 3/8 to 1/2 inch slices and fry in hot, greased
skillet. When slices are browned and crusty, turn and brown on other side.
Serve hot with ketchup, syrup or apple butter.

Makes 3-4 lbs. of scrapple