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Finding these immigrants listed on ships is not always easy. Many things must be taken into consideration.

For Example:

What country did your ancestor come from?

Did this cause a language barrier or heavy accent and therefore affect the way the surname was spelled.

Did the ship stop elsewhere en route and therefore was listed from its last port instead of the country of origin?

Listings of men were always made, but the women weren't always listed.

Only males over the age of 16 were listed.

Given the above two items, whole families may have immigrated, although only the main male of the family was listed.

Below you will find listed links for finding ships coming into the US.

These ships arrived at various different ports; it takes time and patience to search these.

They are normally divided into several different categories:

Port of departure

Port of arrival

Year of Sailing

By Surname

By Captain of Ship's Name

These ship listings can be quite informative, if the time is taken to search through them.

Where your ancestor came from

His occupation in his homeland

Was he sick on arrival, or did any in that party die?

Did he take the Oath of Allegiance?

Sometimes intended destinations are listed

While there are literally thousands of websites dealing with immigrations,

I have tried to keep those listed here as pertaining to Virginia arrivals.

If anyone should have any that they think are good and useful,

please let me know and I will get them on here.


Immigrant Transcribers Guild

(Excellent Site-many divisions of search)

The Mayflower Families

Olive Tree Genealogy