History of Owen County

Edited by Charles Blanchard 1884 and Enlarged with the Addition of Index and Photographs, Including Spencer and Gems of “Sweet Owen” 1890.

Published by the Owen County Historical Society 1977.

Submitted by Layne Powell


St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Steubenville was organized by Rev. John Lautenschlager, in the year 1856, with about twenty members. A schoolhouse was used by the congregation until 1858, at which time a log house of worship was built on the land of John Haas. In the building of the house, the society was assisted by members of the German Reformed Church, a small organization of which sprang into existence.

The house has been used alternately by both organizations down to the present time. Rev. Mr. Lautenschlager still preaches for the Lutheran society, which members about fifteen members. The Reformed Church is a very small organization, numbering only about eight or ten members at the present time.