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If you are researching any surnames within the Owen county area, please let me know and I will add them to our list. You can in that way contact other researchers also working on those surnames. Please include the surname, your name and email when submitting.

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TABER Chris Meno

TAGGERT Norma Herman Ooley

TATUMMichael Burch

TAYLOR Barb Grainger, Ray W. Justus, Carolyn Branson, Tom Mitchell, Gwen Neidefer, Barbara Stewart, Linda Stokesbury Brennan

TEAL/TEELSharon Ellington

TERRELLMichael Burch

THATCHERMarsha Pearson

THOMAS Sharry Gregory

THOMPSON Terresa Thompson, Tim Sherman, Michael Burch, Laura (Phillips) Adcock

THORN Terresa Thompson

TIDD Terresa Thompson

TILLEYMargaret Peck

TIPTON Susan Partridge, Lorrie Case



TRENT Marsha Pearson

TRIPLETTGlorianne Fahs

TROUT Chris Meno

TRUAXDebbie Jennings, Mike Dean

TRUESDEL Glenda DeFord

TRUELOVE Patricia Wink

TURNER Nancy Welty Ross

TURPIN Nancy Skinner White, Marcia Stewart

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